Institute for the
Arts and Education, Inc.

(IA&E), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Its mission is dedicated to enhance artistry and community enrichment through promoting and educating fine arts and crafts among artists and students, of all age groups and diversity, and the general public. IA&E implements ways to enrich lives and strengthen our community through the power of arts. We help teach communities how art work is made, and further enhance the involvement of the community with our events.

A critical component of the IA&E is the invitation to encourage young artists from surrounding area to compete to have their art work displayed in the community. Invitations for both youth and teen art competitions are sent to numerous local K-12 programs. Participants have the opportunity for the public to view their work as well as having it judged by professional artists in the show. In addition, the IA&E calls upon the local colleges and encourages students to display their art work in the “Emerging Artists” section.

For more information regarding youth/budding/teen art competition, go to, and click the youth art/teen art for each city.

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Patricia E. Narozny,
President & Treasurer
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In regards to helping educate the community, there are ongoing art demonstrations by artists at the shows who exhibit their specialized mediums that develop into fine art. This interaction between professional artists and the community provides an invaluable experience for everyone involved. The Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc. works to encourage creative expression and artistic excellence, and to expand public awareness, appreciation and acquisition of fine art and crafts.

Gallery from our art shows in Estero, Boca Raton and West Bloomfield.
Professional winners
Professional winners from our shows in Estero, Boca Raton and West Bloomfield.
Youth Art Competition Winners
Youth Art Winners from our shows in Estero, Boca Raton and West Bloomfield.

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