Youth Competition

Asheville Lake Fine Art Show™
Youth Art Competition
Grades K-8 or Ages 5-13
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As part of our commitment to bring art education into the community, a Youth Art Competition is integrated into the Asheville Fine Art Show. Young artists in grades K-8 or ages 5-13 are invited to apply with their original and personally handmade art in all forms of discipline. During the art fair, all entries are publicly displayed under the “Youth Art Competition” booth. This program exposes young artists to the opportunity of creating his/her art for a living – doing something he/she loves to do, and, most importantly, how to do it. The competition gives budding artists a golden opportunity to begin learning the rules of being part of a professional art show and exhibition.

Criteria for judging the youth art is based on technique/execution and originality, which is similar to the criteria for the judging of the professional artist awards.

In 2017, there were four Youth Art Competition awards:

• One $100 Youth Art Best of Show

• Three $50 Youth Art Awards of Excellence

In addition to one of the prizes above, each winner receives a beautiful, colorful, two-foot-long ribbon. On Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, Youth Art awards are presented by Executive Producer Patty Narozny. She begins with, “Thank you for submitting your Youth Art entries. Please understand that art is subjective. Even the best artists are not accepted into all the art shows they want to participate, nor do they win a prize in every show they do. For the budding artists who do not win, and you love creating your art, please do not give up. Please congratulate those who do win.”

The Asheville Fine Art Show provides students with an unmatched learning experience and exposes families to artwork that they otherwise may not see. Young artists are encouraged to speak with the professional artists in the show and to ask them questions about participating in art shows as a career.

Winners 2019 (Fall)

Previous years results: 2019 | 2018(fall) | 2018(spring) | 2017

One $100 Best of Youth Art

Abigale Marlowe, Drawing, age 13

Three $50 Budding Artist Awards of Excellence:

London Boswell, Painting, Age 8, Evergreen Community Charter School

Olive Wallace, Painting, Age 7

Ruby Seiller, Painting, age 11

Anya Uscocovich, Painting, Age 9, E. E. Waddell Language Academy, Charlotte

Kenai Childs, Painting, age 5