Youth Art Competition

Every Hot Works Fine Art Show includes a Youth Art Competition. Sponsored by the Institute for the Arts & Education, this important program introduces children to the world of creative entrepreneurship and life as professional artists. In 2022, one young artist sold a piece for $2,300!


Qualifications: Original or handmade artworks by students ages 5-13 or 9-19 / grades K-8 or 6-12.
The artwork is publicly displayed and judged during the art show.

Our Mission

Creating art is fun, but what do our children really learn from creating art?
Do you remember the first time you received a compliment? How about the first time an adult told you that you were special? Do you remember when you were complimented on a task that revealed your own uniqueness. Art opens doors to confidence and success.

Art isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessary, one of the building blocks that help children find their path to creativity, success and independence. Studies show that art is a necessity for children!

Awards & benefits

Participating young artists learn about creative entrepreneurship and life as a professional artist. Top winner receives a $250 cash award. Other awards vary by show.


  • To improve and master fine motor skills.
  • To create new neural pathways in the brain for problem solving.
  • To express things that can’t be shared in words.
  • To understand importance of success
  • To move through obstacles without fear.
  • To instill confidence.
  • To learn to observe carefully.
  • To provide the joy of achievement.

Art teaches us that our differences in the way we see and experience the world is something to be cherished and encouraged.