Sarasota Fine Art ShowTM
November 19 & 20, 2022
Phillippi Estate Park

Location: Just south of downtown Sarasota and Siesta Key, Phillippi Estate Park once again welcomes the Sarasota Fine Art Show. Featuring nearly 100 nationally recognized artists, the show also presents live music and great food. The picturesque waterfront setting includes an expansive lawn, shaded walking trails, a gazebo, a children’s playground, nice restrooms and convenient parking for all. It’s a full day of fun and culture.

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Location: Just south of downtown Sarasota and Siesta Key, Phillippi Estate Park once again welcomes the Sarasota Fine Art Show. Featuring 80 nationally recognized artists, the show also presents live music and great food. The picturesque waterfront setting includes an expansive lawn, shaded walking trails, a gazebo, a children’s playground, nice restrooms and convenient parking for all. It’s a full day of fun and culture.

Frequency: Held five times each year.

Audience: Located on the creek that feeds Sarasota bay, the park is surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions and just minutes from the affluent neighborhoods of Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Osprey, Venice, and downtown Sarasota,

Free Show Admission. $5 parking Supports the Institute for the Arts & Education. (Free returns all weekend)

Address: Just south of downtown Sarasota at the gorgeous Phillippi Estate Park. Conveniently located just of US-41 at 5500 Tamiami

Move-in: Friday 10-4pm. Parking adjacent to or very near your booth.

Rentals: Light Dome tents and Pro-Panels may be reserved in advance through Tents4Events. Light Domes $215 and pro-panels $140 including set up and tear-down.

Show Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 am-5 pm.

The Youth Arts Competition. As part of our commitment to bringing art education into each community, our non-profit partner, The Institute for the Arts & Education (IA&E) hosts the Youth Art Competition for ages 5-13 or ages 9-19 at each Hot Works Fine Art Show. Enter your child’s original art to be publicly displayed in the art show the entire weekend. Award judging and award presentations Sunday 3 pm.

Institute for Arts & Education is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to supporting visual artists, cultural diversity, community enrichment, entrepreneurship and outreach to underserved communities.

Support Our Sponsors. Our community and corporate event Sponsors help us provide great food, live music, and our Youth Arts Competition!

RULES: All work is original and personally handmade by the artist in the show. If you do not make your work, please do not apply.

Hot Works. Your Art. Our Passion.

General Information 
Sarasota Open Air Fine Art Show
November 19 & 20, 2022
At Phillippi Estate Park
5500 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231
100% Outdoors

10’ x 10’ = $425
10’ x 15’ = $635
10’ x 20’ = $850
Corner: Add $75
Electric: Add $50

The Community

Hot Works’ Sarasota Fine Art Show, November 20 & 21, 2021 is held outdoors at the very popular Phillippi Estate Park, located off of US-41 in south Sarasota; on the shores of Phillippi Creek, a scenic, 60-acre natural area park south of downtown Sarasota and east of Siesta Key. The park features environmental, recreational, historical and archaeological amenities, including the historic Edson Keith Mansion listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The art show is held 100% outdoors with high visibility from US-41/Tamiami Trail – and has plenty of room for booths to be spaced apart for social distancing and convenient, close by parking. Join us at this great location for Hot Works Sarasota Fine Art Show!

Hot Works: Your Art. Our Passion.

Our passion is to inspire serious art shoppers to purchase your art.  We emphasize quality of work, not quantity of artists. All work is original and personally handmade by the artist present at the show. We support the unique relationship between artist and patron by not permitting food in the booth areas or music to interfere with artist sales.

Hot Works’ principal partner, Patty Narozny has 30+ years of event and media experience. Her longevity in the event industry, combined with her expertise, credibility, durability, integrity and stability makes Hot Works events profitable and gratifying.

Every effort is made to keep buy/sell out of the show. As this is an ongoing problem with our juried art shows, we encourage artists to inform us of any buy/sell/import that may end up in a Hot Works event; your name will be held in strict confidence.

 Why do a Hot Works show?

  • 30+ years of event production and media experience
  • A promoter who cares about and supports the artists
  • The focus is on visual arts which are juried by art professionals
  • Every effort to eliminate buy/sell/import
  • Each event tailored to its community and setting
  • Friday move-in 10-4 (limited move-in hours for this show)
  • Great event hours: Saturday & Sunday 10-5
  • Enormous advertising campaign – TV; Radio; Print; Digital Marketing, Posters; Banners; Postcards; more to reach a patron with money to spend on high end art
  • Several shows to choose from throughout the year – all from dealing with one organization
  • Professionally managed
  • Friendly and experienced professional event crew
  • Booth sitters available
  • Friday and Saturday overnight security provided
  • Plenty of convenient and close-by parking
  • Overnight parking available for RVs at Turtle Beach, Oscar Scherer State Park, Myakka State Park
  • Tents 4 Events offers Light Domes and Pro-Panels for rent!

The Media

With 30+ years of media & event experience, we know how to reach out to the community, and to reach the people with the means and cultural interest to purchase fine art. For all Hot Works events, advertising and promotion includes broadcast television, print, radio, and digital marketing partnerships. In addition, there are banners, posters, and postcards distributed within the communities.

Jury Information

A jury of art professionals who are familiar with art shows is retained for the selection process. Jury selection is based on originality, technique/execution, and overall booth presentation. Artist applications are accepted electronically at or manually at . Please include three images of your most compelling work and one of your booth display as it would appear at the show. We will send you an email confirming receipt of your application. Your jury payment is due with the application.

After jurying has been completed, we will send you notification of your acceptance, rejection or wait list status. Upon acceptance, your booth fee check will be due by November 1. Otherwise a $200 deposit is accepted with balance ten days prior to the show. Artists chosen as alternates will be put on a waiting list. The decision of the judges is final. We invite you to check in with us at any time with any questions, for any reason.

Artist packages are mailed prior to the show. Artists will be assigned a designated booth space, which is available on the website with booth number to be viewed about one week prior to the show.

Youth Art Competition Grades K-8 or ages 5-13

$250 Awards

Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc. is the 501c3 non-profit arm of all Hot Works events. IA&E’s focus is visual arts, cultural diversity, community enrichment, and fostering art education among young artists and up-and-coming artists. As part of our commitment to bring art education into the community, a Budding Artist Competition for grades 6-12 or ages 9-19 encourages students to create their original and personally handmade art that is publicly displayed at the art show the entire weekend.

COVID Safety precautions in place

Hot Works goal is to put on a safe, friendly, positive, community event – as they have for many years. COVID guidelines/risk reduction strategies include:

  • Always protect the vulnerable, including age 70+
  • The show is held outside with extra wide aisles and plenty of room for social distancing
  • All booths spaced apart
  • Face coverings recommended
  • Artists are required to bring his/her own hand sanitizer and display it in the booth


Contact Info
Patty Narozny, Executive Producer
Hot Works, LLC Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows
President, Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc.

Your Art. Our Passion.

Florida Office:
PO Box 1425
Sarasota, FL 34230
Phone: 941-755-3088
Cell Phone: 248-762-2462


Like us at
Instagram @hotworksartshows


At Hot Works, Your Success is Our Success!



  • Art must be original and handcrafted by the artist who is present at the show. Individuals selling work that is not their own or otherwise misrepresenting their work or themselves are not welcome and are requested to refrain from applying. No manufactured items are to be displayed or sold. Artists found not to be in compliance will be asked to remove the unacceptable items, and risk closure of their booth for the rest of the show with no refund. The person in the booth must be the person who made the work.If more than one person is employed in making the work, you must state so on the application and describe the contribution each person makes in executing the work and/or the finished piece.
  • Artists must be present during the entire open hours of the show and must personally staff their booth. A government issued picture ID must be available at check-in, upon request.
  • Collaborative work is when two or more artists work together and should be submitted as a joint application. If accepted, collaborating artists may only exhibit work that is truly collaborative and in which all or both artists must contribute a substantial portion of the final artwork. Supportive and ancillary activities (such as matting and framing) are not considered part of a collaborative effort.
  • Work must match the proportions depicted in submitted images.
  • For fiber/bead artists: if the beading is sophisticated sewing and art in itself, it will be considered for acceptance into Hot Worksevents; otherwise Hot Worksfrowns against “beaders” that merely string their work, which refers to buying the beads and sewing it on a string. Hot Works will individually consider such applications, but our decision is final.
  • Displays must remain within assigned space. No infringement into public areas, and into the spaces of other artists. There can be no booth appendages in any direction, including upward.  The only exception is an awning, and only if it does not interfere with an emergency vehicle that may have to drive down an aisle. You are liable for any damage caused as a result of your protruding piece either from the ground or from the top of your structure. Booth height at the show must be the same as booth height in booth slide submitted for application.
  • No sharing booths unless all artists are represented in juried images.
  • Electricity is not available for this show. However, generators labeled for outdoor use are permitted, but they must be placed 20’ away from any tent structure, and only if they do not disturb anyone else, for whatever reason. Please let us know if you are bringing a generator at least two weeks prior to the show. Artists expecting to bring generators must, in their applications, disclose equipment description and where you expect to place the generator. Hot Works retains the right to refuse such requests, if, in our opinion, it will be disruptive to others and/or generate complaints from others. Invertors/batteries that are quiet and do not smell are preferred.
  • Prints and reproductions are accepted when clearly labeled and limited to 30% or less of work displayed.
  • Photography, digital, or giclée art prints must be limited editions of 250 or less, signed and numbered, and printed on archival quality materials.
  • We define “Photography” as the art or process of producing images by the formation of an image on a light sensitive surface or by an acceptable digital printing process. If applying in the “Digital” category, digital art prints must be made from the artist’s original digital file.
  • Each artist must provide enough work to exhibit and sell during the entire time of the art show. Artists who break down or leave early before closing time on any day of the event will not be permitted to return the following day or to future Hot Works shows unless proof of an emergency is provided.
  • An artist package is mailed prior to the show and will include 20 post cards. Please advise if a different quantity is needed; we are happy to provide you with as many postcards as you need.
  • Mailing lists are encouraged for all shows. If you do not have a mailing list, it is recommended that you start one in each city you do an event. Even now more than ever, this is important to build your customer database.
  • Use Social Media to the best of your advantage! Like us at Instagram @hotworksartshows
  • Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the event and are not interchangeable. Hot Works will accept and, do its best to honor, special location requests, but cannot make any guarantees. Corner spaces are available for purchase and are assigned solely on availability and discretion of the event. Booth assignments and map of event will be available on the website a minimum of one week prior to show date.
  • For logistic purposes, artists with large trailers/trucks that need to be driven onto the event site, must notify size of trailer 3 weeks prior to show.
  • Heavier duty tents such as Light Dome canopy or Show-Off canopy are used by most professional artists. The umbrella-type, expandable canopy by any manufacturer or distributoris not recommended, as they are the first to come down on a windy day. If you must use the umbrella-type expandable pop-up tent, as with all tents, a minimum of 50 pounds of weight on each corner is required. In addition, if there is rain, the weight of the ponding water on top of a canopy tent can potentially collapse it. Bolstering the inside corners will make the canvas tighter and avoids ponding on top on the tent. Swim noodles or hula hoops (you can purchase these from the $1 store) placed in corners between frame and canvas top can avoid ponding. At night, canopy tents must be lowered to withstand overnight bad weather.
  • When setting up your tent, the entire aisle must have the front of the tents lined up, with no protruding items in the front of your tent.
  • Paintings or other art are not permitted to be displayed on the ground, unless it as shown in your booth image submitted with your application and approved by the event.
  • Artists can only hang the sign that is provided by the art show.
  • Hot Works will inspect booths onsite to ensure rules and standards are adhered.
  • Sales tax must be collected and remitted to the State of Florida. Combined Sarasota County sales tax is 7.0%; call State of Florida at 800-352-3671 or obtain the sales tax form online at

Booth Information

Booth sizes are as follows:

10’ x 10’ = $425
10’ x 15’ = $635
10’ x 20’ = $850
Corner add $75
Electric add $50


Electricity – Generators may be used outdoors only, however:

  • You must advise us a minimum of two weeks prior to show date that you are bringing a generator
  • Your generator cannot bother anyone for whatever reason
  • Your generator must be made for outdoor use
  • Your generator must be placed a minimum of 20’ away from any structure
  • You must have your own fire extinguisher in your booth at all times while the equipment is running
  • Invertor or battery is better


Event Hours Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Move-in Friday, 10am-4pm – note the facility offers limited move-in hours; Sat 8a-9:30a
Move-out Sunday, 5pm-9pm – please remove your own trash from show – dumpster is on site

Tents 4 Events offers Light Domes $170 + tax; pro-panels are $100 + tax and includes set up; contact Joe at (954) 675-7634 or Shannon at (561) 713-7056;


Media Categories:

___ Clay                                              ___ Metal

___ Digital                                           ___ Other

___ Drawing                                        ___ Painting

___ Fiber                                             ___ Photography

___ Glass                                            ___ Printmaking

___ Jewelry-Precious                         ___ Sculpture

___ Jewelry–Non-Precious                ___ Watercolor

___ Mixed Media                                ___ Wood




— Complete all required information on the application and by the deadline.

—$25 app fee on Add $25 for late applications.

— Please provide three electronic images of your most compelling work, plus one of your booth as you would set up at the show (include browse bins, if any). Size 1920×1920, or minimum 300 dpi.

__ Upon your acceptance into the show, booth payment is due by November 1. If need, a $200 deposit may be paid with balance ten days prior to the show.

— You may include an Artist Statement explaining the process and materials used in your work, as well as your reproduction process. Please also indicate a list of any recent awards and honors.

— Please make checks payable to “Hot Works, LLC” and mail to: PO Box 1425, Sarasota, FL 34230 postmarked

COVID Safety

COVID Safety precautions in place

Hot Works goal is to put on a safe, friendly, positive, community event – as they have for many years. New COVID guidelines/risk reduction strategies include:

  • Always protect the vulnerable, including age 70+
  • All booths minimum 6’ apart
  • All booths – two or more sides open where possible to accommodate for air to flow through the tent
  • Social (physical) distancing 6’ from any other outside of your group – we need help from artists and sponsors to help monitor this in a polite and courteous manner, please
  • Face coverings recommended for everyone over age two
  • Main entrance(s) will have signage placed listing COVID guidelines
  • The entrance will have a 22 x 28 sign that says:
    • Do not enter if you are sick
    • Social Distance 6’
    • Face coverings required
    • Wash your hands
    • Don’t touch your face
  • Artist use pointers – if possible. This will help with physical distancing – we understand this is not possible for everyone therefore face coverings should be worn in doubt
  • One family unit invited in the booth – patrons please wait to be invited by the artist into his/her booth
  • Jewelers and browse bins wiped aftertouch, or, before touching, ask every person to hand sanitize
  • Every booth is responsible to bring his/her own hand sanitizer and have it displayed in his/her booth for people to see and use the duration of the show
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be spread throughout the show
  • Handwashing sinks will be located at:
    • Restaurants – provided for restaurant/food vendors for use during the show
    • Porta johns – Besides handwashing sinks here, disinfectant and paper towel will be placed nearby for everyone to wipe the handle before and after each use, please.
  • New COVID signage:
    • Sinks are touchless, use a foot pump
    • Sign on each porta john: ‘please wipe handle before and after use’ – there will be disinfectant and paper towel at each unit
    • Maintain 6’ social distancing, please
    • Face coverings recommended vs required
  • Thought: Clear Shower Curtains hang in between
  • Take advantage of non-contact purchasing by using a credit card or a cashless pay system
  • Follow the one-way walking pay (no backtracking)
  • Please leave pets at home
  • Stay home if you are feeling ill
  • Stay home if you have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Stay home if you are awaiting a test or test results for COVID-19
  • Stay home if you are under any quarantine due to local travel orders
  • Stay home if you are vulnerable or uncomfortable  Sarasota Fine Art Show™
November 19 & 22, 2022
At Phillippi Estate Park/Mansion/Creek
5500 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231
100% Outdoors

By Applying Via Hot Works or Art and Education Inc, I agree to the following:

  • I am directly involved in creating all artwork in my booth. I agree to show a government issued picture ID at Artist Check-In.
  • I authorize Hot Works to use my images for promotional purposes only, for past or future events, and with no compensation.
  • I understand cancellations 60 days prior to the event will receive a full refund; cancellations between 30 and 59 days prior to the event will have fees applied to the next scheduled show. No refunds within 30 days of event, except for immediate family illness and/or death with proof of cause unless the art show is cancelled due to COVID-19. Hot Works decision whether or not to refund is final.
  • I understand there are no rain dates and no refunds for show cancellation due to rain, floods, tornados, hurricanes, acts of God, acts of government, act of other official authority, or for any other reason.
  • Upon my acceptance to the invitation to participate, I agree to remain open during all open event hours. I understand that late arrival or early departure is not permitted.
  • I understand that no insurance is provided to cover damage to my artwork, my display or to myself. I am responsible to obtain my own proper insurance and protection of work and structures. I will be held liable for any damage made by my tent or structures. Liability and casualty insurance are available for many artists and crafters. Please provide Hot Works with a Proof of Coverage certificate at least one week prior to the show’s opening. These requirements are intended to protect you and us.
  • I understand that false presentation is not permitted. I agree there is no misrepresenting of myself and/or my artwork. I understand that, if applicable, Hot Works is allowed to hold me liable by penalty of law.
  • I agree that emergency aisles must be left open and clear of any obstructions and structures at the end of the day and until the opening for business the next morning. This includes, but is not limited to, awnings and awning hardware, display panels, artwork, or any other part of my structure and/or booth that extends beyond the assigned 10’x10’ space and into common areas, either on the ground or above ground. An exception is storage behind artist’s booths. It is strongly recommended that all work inside the booth be properly secured for the night.
  • I understand that Hot Works is not responsible for any damage to my booth or property that extends beyond the 10’x10’ confines of artist’s space, nor is Hot Works responsible for any damage at all, in or out of the confines of my assigned 10’x10’ space, as a result of inclement weather, act of God, or any other cause that is beyond Hot Works control, including an emergency vehicle that may have to be driven down an aisle. I am accountable for damage to neighboring artists’ booths as a result of my unsecured or improperly weighted booth, or as a result of my booth not designed to withstand reasonable variations of weather and weather conditions. Aisles and common areas must be left free of equipment and extrusions, both on ground and above ground, during all non-open hours.
  • I understand it is not Hot Works responsibility to sell the artist’s work; I understand Hot Works is not responsible if I earn a profit and/or sell my work.
  • Acceptance to the show is an invitation to show, which I understand can be withdrawn by Hot Works at any time, for any reason, without recourse on the part of the artist.
  • I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Hot Works, LLC, White Lake/Milford, MI/Sarasota, FL; Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc., White Lake/Milford, MI/Sarasota, FL; Phillippi Estate Park, Sarasota, FL; Sarasota County, FL; and their agents and employees for damage from any cause.
  • By applying to the show, I accept the rules listed in this application, as well as additional rules of the event. By agreeing to

the rules, if there is any discretion, I understand that I can be removed from the show.



Hot Works, LLC Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows
PO Box 1425, Sarasota, FL 34230

Telephone 248-762-2462 or 941-755-3088

Instagram @hotworksartshows