I expressly represent and agree to the following:

Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • I understand there are no rain dates and no refunds for show cancellation due to rain, floods, tornados, hurricanes, acts of God, acts of government, acts of other official authority, or for any other reason except if the show is canceled due to COVID in that case we will forward the both rent or tickets (if applicable) to another Hot Works show

Artist Booth Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • I am directly involved in creating all artwork in my booth. Upon request, I agree to show a government issued picture ID at check-in.
  • I authorize Hot Works to use my images for promotional purposes only, for past or future events, and with no compensation.
  • I understand cancellations 60 days prior to the event will receive a full refund; cancellations between 30 and 59 days prior to the event will have fees applied to another show within one year; there are no refunds within 30 days of event.
  • Upon acceptance to my Invitation to Participate, I agree to remain open during all open event hours. I understand that early departure is not permitted.
  • I understand there are no rain dates and no refunds for show cancellation due to rain, floods, tornados, hurricanes, acts of God, acts of government, act of other official authority, or for any other reason.
  • I understand no insurance is provided by Hot Works to cover damage to my artwork, my display or to myself. I understand I am responsible to obtain my own proper insurance and protection of work and structures. I understand I will be held liable for any damage made by my tent, booth, or structures. Liability and casualty insurance is available for many artists and crafters. Please provide Hot Works with a Proof of Coverage certificate at least one week prior to the show’s opening. These requirements are intended to protect you and Hot Works.
  • I understand that false presentation is not permitted; there is no misrepresenting of myself and/or my artwork. I understand that Hot Works is allowed to hold me liable by penalty of law if falsely presented.
  • I understand emergency aisles must be left open and clear of any obstructions and structures at the end of the day and until the opening for business the next morning. This includes, but is not limited to, awnings and awning hardware, display panels, artwork, or any other part of an artist’s structure and/or booth that extends beyond the assigned space and into common areas, either on the ground or above ground. An exception is 2’ behind each artist’s booth for storage. It is strongly recommended that all work inside the booth be properly secured for the night.
  • I understand Hot Works is not responsible for any damage to my booth or property that extends beyond the confines of my artist space, nor is Hot Works responsible for any damage at all, in or out of the confines of my assigned space, asa result of inclement weather, act of God, or any other cause that is beyond our control, including an emergency vehicle that may have to be driven down an aisle. I understand I am accountable for damage to neighboring artists’ booths as a result of my unsecured or improperly weighted booth, or as a result of my booth not designed to withstand reasonable variations of weather and weather conditions. Aisles and common areas must be left free of equipment and extrusions, both on ground and above ground, during all non-open hours.

By applying and paying for the show, I accept the rules listed in this application, as well as additional rules of the event. Acceptance to the show is an invitation to show, which can be withdrawn by us at any time, for any reason, without recourse on the part of the artist.